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Patients always looking for hospitals in Turkey which are Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited and Hair Clinic istanbul has JCI and follow latest techniques in Hair Transplant and Cosmetic surgery. Turkey has a pool of highly trained doctors many of whom have studied/practiced abroad. With this international experience they are able to offer the latest and safest medical procedures. They will perform a wide range of surgeries like plastic surgeries, hair transplanting via latest techniques, dental implants, etc. Hair Clinic istanbul doctors and most of the nurses speak English. Translator services are also available should you require them.


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Hair Clinic Istanbul

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Göksun Dizdar

4 years ago
I was very satisfied with the clinic. They are very interested. It was also extremely good in the process. I advise


4 years ago
I said I would comment everywhere :) I keep my promise :) I had a hair transplant by the Hair Clinic Istanbul team. I would like to thank the whole team, especially Osman Bey, for their interest and concern. I would recommend it to those who are considering a hair transplant.

Nutku Gür

4 years ago
Maybe I've seen 10 places. Among them are the centers of celebrities who have transplanted their hair. But when I thoroughly researched it, I realized that the centers that planted the celebrities' hair only took great care when it came to a famous name. When you apply for someone like me, they don't look like a plantation. Research eventually trusted the Hair Clinic in Istanbul. Good thing I chose this place. it has been 3 months. The results are going very well. Thank you to everyone who contributed. They deserve the price they get.

link u'll

3 years ago
We thank you for the good service and the deal and advise the providers to deal with MedHerlink


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