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As the Buk Clinic family, we have been at your service in the Fulya / Istanbul region in order to achieve the success we have achieved abroad, as well as in our country. We are waiting for you at Buk Clinic to see you, our valued guests, as one of our family, and to receive a healthy service in a sterile environment with our state-of-the-art equipment, experienced and expert staff.
As Buk Clinic, which grows with a dynamic development based on the question of what we can do better for you, it is our primary goal to provide you with the best service. Buk Clinic consists of a team of the most respected estheticians with a portfolio of both local and international patients.

Today, where the technological infrastructure is the most important factor in the world of aesthetics, as in every field, we deliver all the innovations in the world of aesthetics to you. We always aim to offer you the best with our FDA-approved device infrastructure in beauty and care processes, invasive medical procedures and non-invasive medical procedures. In our clinic, we apply treatments suitable for skin problems, sensitivity and age, directly in line with the skin analysis we perform in detail with the Visia skin analyzer before all procedures. Thanks to our Hydrafacial simulation device, the possibility of three-dimensional simulation before surgical procedures is one of the high-level technologies available at our center.


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Buk Hair Transplant Turkey | Laser Hair Removal | Hydrafacial | Spot Slimming Istanbul

525 reviews

Austin Sabino

3 weeks ago
I felt a lot of care throughout my treatment. They think of you more than you. I advise. In my opinion, the best clinical buk hair transplant for hair transplantation

David Gibsons

2 months ago
500 grafts were transplanted. You won't believe the change in my hair. I wish I hadn't hesitated when my hair first fell out and had a hair transplant, if it wasn't too late. If you are planning to have your hair transplant done in a professional place like BUK clinic in Turkey, do not hesitate to have a hair transplant.

Jonathon Ballard

2 weeks ago
I would like to thank my doctor friends who performed the hair transplant procedure. The whole process was great. I would recommend it to everyone.

Joshua Battle

3 weeks ago
I think this is one of the best clinics for hair transplantation. Thanks to both the price and the quality service they provide, me and my friend had a hair transplant in a very comfortable way.

Uster Wade

3 weeks ago
I've heard that there are the best hair transplants in Turkey, I've done a lot of research, but definitely not only in Turkey, this is the Best hair transplant clinic in Europe..


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