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DRKHAIR Saç Ekim Merkezi Antalya

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Merve gidici

3 years ago
At the end of 2018, a tightening transplant was performed on the front of my hair. The result was much better than I expected. Thank you very much Hakan and his team.

Abdullah Bardakçı

a year ago
Disgrace. You can choose if you want to be disgraceful with your money. They said that your hair that does not come out after shock loss will be replanted free of charge. We went, it was like 10000 TL + the number of grafts, but they said it would be 5000 TL in cash. If you do not specifically request hair transplantation from Hakan, a team of nurses who are not experts in their field do it. They want money to regrow your hair that doesn't grow out. Don't even get past it.

Emre Can Aydın

4 years ago
Everything was normal until October. But things change in October. They get a lot of signatures and go to the processing stage. I went because the doctor would plant it himself, but the doctor did not interfere during the purchase and planting, he just drew the line to be planted when planting was going to be done. Here, there is a little treatment according to the man. Although there are separate people who buy from donors and transplant, I don't think they are experts in their fields. The reason for my thought is that the recipient from the donor area did not make a balanced purchase; This area will likely remain open as you are buying a lot from one side of your head. When it comes to transplanting, they claim that they transplanted with the cross method, but no attention is paid to this, and they tell you that they transplanted a certain amount of hair, believe me, there is no concrete evidence about this. The staff helping with the washing is inexperienced. All in all it was a disappointment for me.

Kenan Aydın

4 years ago
First of all, let's not fool each other, there are always October photos. What about the results? None. There may be those who have good results, they are those who accept the doctor's high TL offer. Those who do not are treated separately. And they make your application appointment right away. They take the money and postpone the other Transaction date until one after the first October is over, eg. There is no hospital inspection, Dr. is out of the city, the car of the nurse who has a hair transplant is broken outside the city. Wait for 2 more months, maybe it will get longer. No friend, it's been 2 years, I regretted it, and they give a guarantee. What will happen if you are not satisfied with it? Will they refund your money? Liar friends make a thousand and one excuses and then guess that we didn't understand how it happened, and even the doctor you gave the money does not need to tell you, you deal with the secretary, then you just get out of your money and drink a glass of water on top of it. And get well soon, not to mention the pain you suffered from your money.

נועם קניג

3 years ago
The biggest mistake of my life. I didn't found the option to add photos but everyone who wish can send me private email and I'll let the photos speak loud and clear, before and after 11 months. I asked for a refund, even not full refund (50% of 2800€) and they refused and asked me to come back for a fix. That's ridiculous, because not only my operation failed, I know about at least 10 more guys from Israel that are on the same situation like me. It's really shame that places like this are still exist. Do to your self a big favor and search for other place!!!


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