hair transplant in Turkey İstanbul
hair transplant in Turkey İstanbul

Have your ever though having hair transplant in Turkey İstanbul? If you haven’t, you should add İstanbul among your options. Turkey is a beautiful country with lots of touristic attractions. In recent years, this country is becoming one of the leaders in health tourism as well.

Health tourism activities in Turkey are supported by the local Ministry of Health. Therefore, hair transplant clinics and doctors are considered as an important asset for promotion of the country. These doctors are completing numerous successful hair transplant operations. These operations are contributing to reputation of Turkey in hair transplant sector.

İstanbul for Hair Transplant

İstanbul is an amazing city. There are lots of reasons to have hair transplant in Turkey İstanbul. First, you will get affordable and competitive prices for your operation. Medical costs in Turkey are lower than other countries.

In addition to competitive prices, you will have the chance to discover a new city. After hair transplant operation, you need to visit the hair transplant clinic after 3 days. In the meantime, you can discover the city. There are different low level activities like Bosporus tour or visiting historical places. You can also taste delicious food in İstanbul. Another option will be going for shopping in Grand Bazaar or one of the modern shopping malls.

Clinics to Have Hair Transplant in Turkey İstanbul

If you are looking for clinics to have hair transplant in Turkey İstanbul, you should check Estenbul Health Clinic. This clinic is located in İstanbul. It has been offering services in İstanbul for a long time. Estenbul Health Clinic has expert team to meet all needs of both domestic and foreign patients.

In most cases, foreign patients are concerned about language barrier. Clinic offers services with doctors and team who can speak at least one foreign language. This way, communication is no longer a barrier between you and your new hair.

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