Which New Hair Transplant Technologies Are Out There?
Which New Hair Transplant Technologies Are Out There?

Which New Hair Transplant Technologies Are Out There?

Every day, cosmetics and plastic surgery is finding new methods to make patients happier. There are also developments in hair transplant sector. New hair transplant technologies not only decrease the recovery time, but also increase the success rates of operations.

New Hair Transplant Technologies

Like many other field, hair transplant industry is changing rapidly. Doctors are finding new and better method every day. These new hair transplant technologies not only produce better results but also reduce overall healing time. Some of the most recent technologies in hair transplant field are given as follows.


Slit is one of the hair implanting techniques commonly used by doctors. In this method, hair grafts extracted with FUE hair extraction technique are implanting into canals in bald area. These canals are opened with surgeon’s blade. This method requires preciseness and expertise. However, compared to old FUT method, Slit is commonly preferred by doctors.


Sapphire is the newer and better version of Slit. In this hair implanting method, hair grafts are again extracted with FUE technique. But in this method, instead of regular surgeon’s blade, special diamond edged blades are used for canal opening. There are few advantages of these diamond edged blades. First, the canals are more precise. Second, and most importantly, the hair looks much more natural than Slit hair implant.


Among new hair transplant technologies, the latest hair implant method in hair transplant field is DHI or also known as CHOI Pens. In this method, both hair extraction and hair implanting are done with the same operation tool. There is no need for FUE hair collection process. CHOI Pens is often preferred to fill bald areas since the number of hair grafts that can be collected in one procedure are limited. This method is commonly applied on women and men with long hair.

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