When Should I Consider Having Hair Follicle Transplant?
When Should I Consider Having Hair Follicle Transplant?

Before explaining what hair follicle transplant is, first let’s answer when should you consider having this procedure. If you are experiencing hair loss and this hair loss effects your daily life and self-confidence, then you should consider this procedure. Well, how is this transplant made?

First, hair is extracted with follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique. Hair grafts are collected with a special equipment called micro motor hair extraction tool. Then, hair grafts are implanted with Slit, Sapphire, or DHI technique. This way hair transplantation process is completed with extraction and implant methods.

What Are Differences Between Slit and Sapphire?

In Slit technique, channels are opened to implement the hair grafts collected with FUE technique. Channels are usually opened with plastic surgeon blade. Then, collected hair follicles are implanted to these channels.

When hair follicle transplant is made with Sapphire, the process is similar to Slit method. However, in this process, channels for the hair grafts are opened with different equipment. Instead of surgeon blade, diamond blade pen is used for the channel opening procedure. The main advantage of Sapphire method over slit method is the shorter recovery period. Also, the results look more natural compared to Slit.

Do I Need Hair Follicle Transplant?

The decision of if you need this procedure is entirely up to you. If you are feeling uncomfortable about baldness or hair loss, then you should consider hair transplant options. You can talk to your doctor and decide on the best method.

On contrary to general belief, hair transplant is a permanent solution. Once the procedure is completed and after certain recovery time, your hair will start to grow. So, there is no need to stay bald and feel unhappy about it forever. Generally, patients who have hair transplant will have their new look in 1 year.

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