hair restoration
hair restoration

Hair loss is one of the most common problems among individuals. Although men mainly suffer from this problem, in certain cases, women can also experience hair loss. Recently, hair restoration has been a popular practice to solve this problem. This operation is also known as hair transplant.

Many people hesitate to have this operation. Since it is an operation, there might be certain risks. But in most cases, you can say goodbye to your bald areas forever. When you learn all the details about this operation, you will feel more optimistic about this procedure.

What Is Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration is an operation to restore hair loss on scalp. Hair loss can happen to anyone. Generally, it is more common in men. High testosterone levels might cause hair loss. While it is not possible to control and balance hormone levels, you can always restore what you lost.

In this operation, hair roots that are called grafts are collected. These grafts are collected from patient’s own hair. In most cases, back of the head is preferred for graft collection. This area is often called donor area. Later, these collected grafts are implanted to bald areas.

Entire process is sometimes called FUE hair transplant. But actually, FUE or follicular hair extraction is a hair collection/extraction technique. There are other implant techniques as well.

When Do You Need Hair Transplant?

If you are insecure about your hair loss, you need to consult to a doctor. Doctors use a scale called Norwood Scale to measure you level of baldness. Also, this scale shows the hair loss pattern as well. Both hair loss level and hair loss patterns are important to plan hair restoration operation. After determining your hair loss level, doctor will evaluate your age and hair quality. At the end, he or she will select the best hair transplant method that suits your needs.

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