beard transplant
beard transplant

Hair transplant is not the only option out there in the medical field. With advancement in this area, there are now different transplant types. Some of these are beard transplant, moustache transplant and eyebrow transplant.

Men sometime have gaps in their beard. Or they might not have that thick beard look they have always wanted. In these cases, they want to restore their beard. With new transplant methods, it is possible to have thicker beard. What is more, it is possible reshape the beard line as well.

Like hair transplant, this operation will transplant hair roots to gaps in the beard. In some cases, beard and moustache transplant are applied together. This way, patients have the fuller look they want.

Moustache and Beard Transplant

Basically, moustache and beard transplant are similar to hair transplant. In this operation, hair roots are collected like hair transplant. However, instead of back of the head, back of the ear might be preferred. Hair in this region is sometimes ideal for beard.

Since patient’s own hair follicles are collected, there won’t be any colour mismatches. Transplanted beard will match existing beard. Also, new beard will grow like the existing beard. Patients can shave normally and shape their beard as they like.

This operation is often completed in 3 to 4 hours. Duration depends on how much facial hair will be transplanted. After the operation, patients can go back to their daily lives.

Why You Should Have Beard Transplant

Men might feel insecure about their looks. And when it comes to hair, beard and moustache, this is more common. In this case, having a beard transplant can greatly benefit. Like hair transplant, new transplanted beard will start to grow in six months. After one year, all transplanted beard will fully grow. For this reason, more and more patients are choosing this operation to have the look they have always wanter.

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