hair implants
hair implants

In recent years, hair transplant has become widespread. With increasing demand to this operation, people are asking more questions. It is important to understand some basic concepts like hair implants or hair transplant. This way, patients can make their decision easier.

Hair transplant is transplanting hair roots to bald areas on the scalp. In this process, hair roots are collected from the patient. These roots which are called grafts are the important part of the operation. Doctors pay attention to number of implants as well as implant characteristics.

Number of Hair Implants

Number of hair implants will depend on various reasons. Most importantly, patient’s baldness level will play a key role. If patient has severe hair loss, number of implants will be hair. However, in mild hair loss cases, number of grafts will be lower.

Also, beard transplant or moustache transplant will need less implants that full hair transplant. When patients decide to have this operation, they need to be examined by the doctor. Number of grafts will also depend on hair quality. While it is easier to sustain the fuller look with high-quality hair, it might be hard to achieve it with low quality hair.

Can I Have Implants from Other People?

No, you cannot have hair implants from other people. Although the name is implants, these are often called hair grafts. In hair transplant operation, hair grafts are collected from the patient. There are no practices that collect grafts from other people.

Doctor will assess your hair loss level. Also, your current hair structure and characteristics will be assessed. These are two important steps for hair graft collection process. Depending on your hair roots, number of implants will be determined. While some people have three hair roots per graft, other have one root per graft. This depends on your hair root characteristics.

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