PRP hair treatment
PRP hair treatment

In hair loss field, it is possible to find different treatments. These mainly have different applications. PRP hair treatment or platelet rich plasma is one of these treatment options. And moreover, it is extremely common among many individuals.

So, what is PRP treatment? Actually, PRP is considered as a non-surgical treatment. This means the patients do not need to undergo surgical process. So, the recovery is much faster than any surgical options.

Also, this treatment is suitable before hair transplant. Or it can also be applied after the hair implant. In fact, it is both separate and complimentary treatment. This adds a unique property to PRP as a treatment.

What Is PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP hair treatment is actually injecting the blood of the patient to the hair roots. This is more like  general definition. In this treatment, patient needs to give blood. Then, this blood is separated into different components. In this process, a special centrifuge device is used.

When the blood is centrifuged, three main components are obtained. These three components are known as platelet rich plasma, platelet poor plasma and serum Both platelet poor plasma and serum are discarded. There is no need for these two components in the treatment.

For PRP, only platelet rich plasma is needed. When this component is obtained, it is applied to scalp. During application, a special needle tipped device is used. The platelet rich plasma is injected to hair by using these fine needles. In general, PRP hair treatment does not cause any pain. And there is no need to spend time at home for recovery.

Who Can Have PRP?

Actually, anyone can have PRP hair treatment. This treatment is suitable for both men and women. In most cases, people choose to try this treatment before hair transplant. Hair transplant decision can be big. And some people might be afraid of the idea.

So, before having a surgical operation, this treatment can improve the hair loss problem. With regular application recommended by the doctor, it is possible to increase the strength of the hair roots. The main purpose of this treatment is to nourish hair roots. So, there will not be any new hair growth in bald areas.

Can Woman Have PRP Hair Treatment?

Actually, PRP hair treatment is more commonly applied to women than man. Most of the time women might not be suitable for a hair transplant operation. This is often caused by the hair characteristics of women. But just like men, women experience hair loss. And they look for solutions to eliminate hair loss.

In this case, PRP is an excellent option for women. As this treatment increases the strength of hair roots, hair can grow better. So, women can have stronger hair. Also, this treatment will contribute to have denser hair.

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