is hair transplant permanent
is hair transplant permanent

People often ask different questions about hair transplant. One of these questions is related with implanted hair. Is hair transplant permanent is commonly asked. Generally, people are afraid that their hair will start to fall again.

This fear of hair loss leads them to be concerned about the operation. But being concerned before the operation can negatively impact the recovery process. For this reason, it is important to understand everything about the operation. Also, patients need to understand everything about recovery process.

Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

Now it is time to answer is hair transplant permanent questions. After the operation, you will experience shock loss. This is a normal process. When you complete this process, your hair will start to grow. After one year period, your new implanted hair will completely grow.

Patients need to be careful during recovery process. Patients needs to follow all the instructions. For example, avoiding heavy physical activity can greatly benefit to recovery. Also, eating healthy and avoiding smoking can increase healing process.

What Is Shock Loss?

Shock loss is a normal process of hair transplant operation. When hair roots implanted, these new roots will fall. At this stage, people are often wondering is hair transplant permanent question. After shock loss period is completed, new hair will start to grow. Approximately one year later, you can have your new hair.

Is Natural Hair Look Possible?

When you work with a skilled doctor, your new hair will have natural look. Expert and talented doctors have the skills to implant each hair graft according to hair growth direction. At the end, this will help achieving natural hairline and natural hair look. In addition to implanting based on hair growth direction, it is important to perfectly blend the implanted hair. Doctor’s skill plays an important role at this stage as well.

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