DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplant is one of the popular hair transplant techniques of recent years. In fact, this technique, which is quite similar to the FUE technique, has its own different application forms. DHI hair transplant is a transplant method using a special technological tool. One of the most asked questions about both FUE and DHI is which one is more painless.

DHI Hair Transplant vs. FUE Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplant, just like the FUE method, is a treatment method performed by taking grafts. In the FUE technique, a canal must be opened for the transplant, while in the DHI method it is not. DHI is a method applied with the help of a special pen called Choi implanter. The Choi pen allows the hair follicles to be extracted under the donor tissue without the need for channel opening.

Among the DHI hair transplant in Turkey options, the DHI method is a remarkable treatment. DHI, which gives faster results compared to the FUE method, has a treatment method that can take longer sessions. However, there is no need to wait in the DHI method while waiting for the channel to be opened in the transplant treatment performed with the FUE technique.

Is DHI Less Painful Than FUE?

DHI hair transplant is a transplant treatment method with almost zero bleeding rate. It is quite normal to see bleeding in the channels in the FUE technique. However, when it comes to DHI, it can be said that the rate of pain and bleeding is quite low. The DHI method, which is also among the hair transplant USA options, has become one of the most popular transplant techniques in the world.

The recovery time of the DHI method is also very short compared to the FUE technique. The only downside of the DHI technique is that it costs more than the FUE method. The reason for this is the special pen used in the treatment.


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