Latest Hair Transplant Technology
Latest Hair Transplant Technology

How Can I Make Sure My Doctor Applied Latest Hair Transplant Technology?

Hair transplant industry is booming. A number of men and women having hair transplant is increasing each year. For this reason, new hair transplant methods are researched and applied. Generally, doctors always want to apply the latest hair transplant technology.

These latest technologies tend to leave no scarring or surgery mark on the patient. And as in all other cases, new technology means better and improved methods. However, sometimes proved methods offer much better solutions than the newest options.

What Is The Latest Hair Transplant Technology?

It is hard to talk about the latest hair transplant technology. Hair transplant sector is dynamic and new technologies are introduced regularly. Doctors who are operating on patients are always following the newest technique in these fields.

Currently, FUE hair extraction method is the most common hair extraction techniques. Doctors have abandoned old FUT technique. When we consider hair implanting techniques, there are two main options. Slit and Sapphire hair implant techniques are preferred by doctors. There is also another method called DHI – direct hair implant. In this method, hair is collected with special tools and implanted with the same tools.

Can I Choose An Old Method?

Every patient wants to have the operation with the latest hair transplant technology. However, selecting the hair transplant method depends on certain factors. For example, hair quality of the patient may be a key factor for the operation.

Additionally, hair loss level can play an important role. In the DHI method, The number of grafts that can be implanted during one operation is limited with 2000 – 2500 grafts. So, if the patient is experiencing serious hair loss, then this method may not be ideal even though it is one of the newest technologies. For this reason, hair transplant method should be selected based on the characteristics of the patient.

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