How Can I Be Sure About Hair Transplant Results?
How Can I Be Sure About Hair Transplant Results?

If you are considering having a hair transplant operation, you probably looked for different results. But most of the time, people are doubtful about hair transplant results. Actually, results can show a slight difference. This is because everyone has different characteristics. But, generally, the results are successful.

Before deciding to go for the operation, you may want to look for the experiences of real people. The first thing you can do is to talk to people around you that had a hair transplant operation. These people will be the real-life evidence for the success of the operation. If there is no one around you, you can also look at the forums dedicated to hair transplant. Often, people share their experiences and results on these forum threads.

Do Hair Transplant Results on Internet Are Real?

Yes, some of the hair transplant results on the internet are real. Of course, some of the websites are using stock photos. But, if you look at the web pages of clinics and doctors, you can easily find real before and after hair transplantation results.

Doctors post the pictures of their patients after their consent to show real results to potential patients. This way, people who are having a doubt can see the real results. And they can compare those pictures with their current hair loss state. 

Will There Be Clear Difference Before and After Operation?

If the recommendations of the doctors are followed after the operation, there will be a clear difference between before and after pictures. However, patients need to wait to see these differences. Generally, it takes approximately one year for the new hair to grow.

Also, the time depends on the lifestyle and eating habits of the patient. If patients minimize smoking and alcohol intake during recovery, the hair will grow much faster. In almost one year, the patient will start to see the hair transplant results

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