hair transplant procedure
hair transplant procedure

Hair transplant procedure might be for you if you have hair loss. When it comes to hair transplant, it is possible to find different sources. But not all of them gives good and solid information. So, in this article, we will summarise hair transplant procedure steps. With this article, you will learn everything you need to know about hair transplant. This way, your call to own hair transplant operation can become easier.

Hair Transplant Procedure Steps

Mainly, hair transplant procedure has two steps. These steps are called hair extraction and hair implanting, respectively. Hair transplant has low complications risks. When operated by skilled and experienced doctor, these risks decrease further. Doctor’s skill, hair care routine and other things can impact the result of the hair transplant operation.

Hair Extraction

First hair transplant procedure step is hair extraction. In hair extraction, hair roots are collected. These hair roots are called grafts. Grafts will be used for filling the bald areas on scalp. FUE is the most common and practical method for hair extraction.

In the past, doctors used FUT. In this method, hair strips were collected. However, this method is abandoned as there is need for suturing in strip collection. FUE offers better results with faster recovery. Also, better hair grafts with high quality can be collected with FUE. This way, damage is minimised and recovery becomes faster.

Hair Implanting

Next step of the hair transplant procedure is hair implanting. Slit, Sapphire and DHI are the most popular hair implanting methods. Before implanting, doctor will examine your hair. Depending on your hair and skin properties, doctor will choose the best hair implant method for you. Your hair characteristic, skin and different factors can verify the implant methodology.

Hair Transplant Recovery

After finishing the operation, patients need to recover. Generally, patients can go back to normal life in 3 days. But, patients need to take care regarding your new transplanted hair for 2-3 months. When you follow all instructions, you can enjoy your new and strong hair.

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