hair transplant during covid-19 pandemic
hair transplant during covid-19 pandemic

Hair transplant treatment has been one of the most popular treatment methods in recent years. There are many clinics in Turkey that offer transplant treatment services. As it is known, 2020 has been a difficult year with the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic all over the world. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the health sector has also gone through difficult processes. When it comes to hair transplant treatment, the first thing that comes to mind is Covid-19 conditions.

Covid-19 and Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair transplant is a treatment method applied in many countries, especially in the USA. Hair transplant in Turkey options has also gained a lot of popularity in recent years. In fact, clinics in Turkey have started to offer services to foreign people from many parts of the world. Today, Turkey has become one of the leading countries in the field of DHI and FUE hair transplant.

When it comes to transplant procedures, Covid-19 measures are also on the agenda. In this regard, clinics in Turkey have always continued to serve in accordance with pandemic conditions.

Covid-19 Applications for Hair Transplant

It is expected that some rules taken within the scope of Covid-19 measures for hair transplant treatment will also be followed. It is especially important that the PCR tests of patients coming from abroad are negative. Likewise, it is important that the PCR tests of patients living in Turkey are negative.

In addition to these, the test results of the personnel and physicians who provide transplant services in the clinic are examined daily. Every specialist in the clinic is working diligently to prevent the spread of the pandemic. This allows the healthy implementation of transplant treatment even in the Covid-19 pandemic. You can also benefit from transplant treatment by following the necessary rules.

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