Hair transplant and PRP
Hair transplant and PRP

Hair loss and baldness can have devastating impacts on many people. However, many people have reservations about hair transplantation to solve this problem. Hair transplant and PRP hair treatment, especially for people with reservations about hair transplantation offers a treatment option.

This involves injecting the patient’s treated blood into the scalp with special micro-needles. The nourishing and repairing components in the blood stimulate the area of hair loss. Thus, hair follicles are fed and triggered the emergence of new hair follicles. PRP hair treatment can be applied independently of hair transplantation or as supportive of hair transplantation.

How is PRP Hair Treatment Applied?

PRP, a platalet-rich plasma treatment, involves the application of blood from the patient through a special procedure to the scalp. Blood is taken from the patient in the first stage of the treatment. This blood is then processed through a special centrifuge.

The blood collected in the centrifuge is divided into three parts. These sections consist of platalet rich plasma and platalet poor plasma serum. During the PRP process, only platelet-rich plasma is used.

This plasma is applied to the scalp by means of a device with special micro-needles. Before the application, anesthesia cream is applied to the patient’s scalp. Thus, the patient does not feel micro needles during the application.

Hair Transplant and PRP Difference

Hair transplant and PRP are different. While PRP is a procedure, hair transplant is a surgical operation. PRP procedure is a supportive treatment for hair transplantation. It helps to accelerate tissue repair due to nourishing hair follicles. This hair treatment method can be applied to both men and women.

PRP How Many Sessions Are Applied?

PRP treatment can be applied as a total of 6-8 sessions. It is recommended to leave at least 10 days between each session. Generally, sessions are administered at intervals of 15 days. In some cases, PRP treatment can be combined with hair mesotherapy. The combined treatment method is determined by the doctor. PRP treatment for hair can be applied once or twice a year to strengthen hair follicles and to support the emergence of new hair follicles. As a result of regular application, the hair gets a brighter, more vibrant appearance. At the same time, hair loss is prevented and new hair follicles are supported. You select among hair transplant and PRP depending on your needs.

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