FUE hair transplant women
FUE hair transplant women

The problem of hair loss affects women as well as men. Especially women who experience male pattern hair loss face many problems in their daily lives. So, these women prefer FUE hair transplant women to end their hair loss problem. In this type of hair loss, hair begins to fall from the front line. In this case, the front hairline is stretched and the forehead expands. The question arises whether hair loss is a problem for everyone in such cases.

There are claims that hair transplantation for women is unsuccessful compared to men. Actually, that’s not exactly true. First, the type of hair loss experienced by women needs to be determined. Determining the type of hair loss plays an important role in choosing the right treatment method. Correctly identified cause significantly increases the success of the treatment.

Hair Loss in Women

Stress-related hair loss is often seen in women. At the same time, hair loss is caused by diseases such as regional shedding is among the problems experienced by women. In such cases, procedures such as PRP hair treatment or hair simulation instead of hair transplantation give better results.

However, if women have male pattern hair loss, then hair transplantation offers very successful results. In male pattern hair loss, hair is shed from the forehead or the top area. Hair transplantation helps to solve this problem. Especially FUE hair transplant women is highly beneficial to solve this problem.

FUE Hair Transplant Women Benefits

Women who will have hair transplantation have some concerns before the procedure. Usually, hair needs to be shaved off in hair transplantation operation. However, women are afraid of this because they have long hair. But FUE hair transplant women prevents complete hair shaving.

Thanks to advancing medicine, it is now possible to transplant hair without shaving the entire hair. This method, known as unshaved hair transplantation, eliminates the problem of baldness without cutting the hair. As an alternative to this method, DHI – direct hair implant method can also be used. Unshaved hair transplantation is carried out by transplanting the hair follicles from the donor region into the recipient region, similar to normal hair transplantation. The planting process uses special motorized devices known as micro paunch. The hair follicles taken are planted in the area where hair loss occurs in only 1-2 minutes. Thus, the collected hair roots are less damaged by staying outside.

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