FUE hair transplant recovery timeline
FUE hair transplant recovery timeline

After having FUE hair transplant, clients desire a whilst to say hello to their new hair. But you will need FUE hair transplant recovery timeline. You can enjoy your new hair at the end of this timeline. Generally, recovery process can be considered in three main timeframes. First time frame shall include the period right after the surgery.
Second one will be between month 3 to 8. And the 3rd period will include the first year after the surgery. Patients require to be careful about different things in each of these right time structures. Also, directions of the physician should be followed for better recovery.

Shorten FUE Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline

Actually, the key for successful recovery is taking your time. You might have problems if you rush things up. So, try to follow the steps recommended by the doctor in your FUE hair transplant recovery timeline. If recovery process is supported by health diet and other things, FUE recovery time can be shortened up to a point that is certain.
Also, if you opt for quitting smoking, this will speed up your recovery. Decreasing alcohol usage might have a similar effect. Both alcohol and smoke harms your hair roots. So, it is better to quit these two before the surgery as well.

Things to Consider During Healing

Within your FUE hair transplant recovery timeline, you need to be cautious to protect your head and scalp. You need to protect your new hair from any damage. Try to avoid any impacts or harsh movements on your scalp.
Another thing that is important this procedure is about shaving. Shaving the donor area is forbidden for at least 45 days. For implant areas, shaving is prohibited for 60 days. Swimming is forbidden for the first 45 days. You need to follows these rules for optimum recovery.

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