hair transplant procedure
hair transplant procedure

Do you want to have a hair transplant process but you don’t know anything about it? In this article, we will describe the entire process for you. We know that hair loss is a huge problem for both men and women. Losing your hair and seeing some bald areas on your head can be frustrating. In the past, baldness and hair loss was your destiny. But now, you can change this destiny with hair transplant.

Entire hair transplant operation consists of two steps: hair extraction and hair implant. But there are different methods in both extraction and implanting. For this reason, there are tons of complex information about hair transplant operation. When you read this article, you will see that entire process is simple and easy to understand.

Extraction Hair Transplant Process

Hair transplant process begins with hair extraction. In this process, hair roots that will be implanted to bald areas are collected. These hair roots are called hair grafts or just grafts. Doctor will collect hair grafts from back of your head.

There are two methods: FUE – follicular unit extraction and FUT – follicular unit transplant. When hair transplant started during 1980s, FUT was the only method available to collect hairs. But currently, FUT is almost never used. Instead, FUE method is the popular hair extraction. With FUE, doctors can collect the best hair grafts. And this method does not leave any scar on your head.

Hair Implanting Process

Second phase of hair transplant process is hair implanting. Hair implanting has three methods which are Slit, Sapphire and DHI. In Slit and Sapphire, special channels are opened on transplant area. Hair roots collected with FUE are implanted to these channels.

But in DHI – direct hair implant, hair roots are collected with special pen called CHOI pen. Also, hair roots are implanted with CHOI pen as well. For this reason, this method is called direct hair transplant. Your doctor will choose the most suitable hair implanting method for you.

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