DHI hair transplant
DHI hair transplant

Hair transplant techniques are developing every day. We can see a new hair implant method in time. One of these methods is called DHI hair transplant. Also known as direct hair transplant, this operation is one of the most preferred transplant methods. As more and more individuals are choosing to possess hair transplant, medical practitioners are finding new techniques.

DHI is suitable for mild hair loss. But in some cases, it might be preferred for other more severe cases. And DHI is commonly used for beard transplant, moustache transplant and eyebrow transplant.

Details About DHI Hair Transplant

In DHI hair transplant, both hair collection and locks implanting are completed with same unit. This unit is a pen shaped device. This allows locks roots to be implanted without losing time. So, roots do not spend time outside. And this decreases contact with air.

DHI operation uses special CHOI pens. Hair grafts are collected with these CHOI pens. Also, exact same pens are employed for implanting the hair. This means, hair follicles are less subjected to external facets. However, there is one limitation with this operation. Quantity of grafts that may be collected and implemented in one session is restricted with 2.000. If more grafts are essential, FUE hair transplant will be a better option.

Advantages of DHI Transplant

One of the more important advantage of DHI hair transplant is of course about hairline. The hairline is has a natural look. Hair roots are implanted one at a time. And there is no need for channels. So, this gives a more natural look to the front part of the hair. This way, doctor can adjust each graft consistent with original hairline.
Another benefit of this transplant is that there’s almost no bleeding. And this decreases the chance for injection. Also, doctor can adjust the hair grafts based on new hair growth direction. This way, DHI results are natural looking and it’s also hard to distinguish if an individual had hair transplant.

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