hair transplant before and after
hair transplant before and after

There are lots of hair transplant before and after photos out there. We can see these photos on every channel of social media. But there is a one huge problem. How can we be sure that these photos are real?

Actually, it is almost impossible to understand whether these are real or not. Even if you are a graphic expert, some of the photoshops are extremely professional. And a normal eye cannot distinguish whether photos are real or fake.

How Can I Be Sure That Hair Transplant Before and After Photos Are Real?

If you want to have hair surgery, you need to evaluate more than just hair transplant before and after photos. Of course, some of these photos will give you some sort of idea about the results. But you must trust the photos of your friends and family. All other photos online are probably fake. Or at least they are changed to some degree.

There is no way to be sure about reality of these photos. So, when you are choosing a hair transplant clinic, assess other criteria. Also, try to ask opinions of people who really had hair transplant operation there.

How to Choose Hair Transplant Clinic?

When you are choosing a hair transplant clinic, hair transplant before and after photos must not be the only criteria. You need to assess other things as well. For example, past experience and medical career of the doctor plays an important role. Also, experience of hair transplant staff is important as well. In addition to these criteria, clinic plays an important role in selecting process. Clinic you choose  must comply with all health standards. You might want to assess related documents of the clinic. Also, facilities of the clinic must comply with related legislations and rules. After assessing all these criteria, you can choose a clinic to have your hair transplant.

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