hair transplant before and after
hair transplant before and after

If you are searching for hair transplant, you probably have seen hundreds of photos. There are tons of hair transplant before and after photos on Instagram and other social media platforms. With those photos, it is often hard to decide.

In some cases, those photos can be processed. This means, those photos will not show the real results. You might ask how to detect this processing? Actually, it is really hard to understand this. You need to be a photo expert to understand the difference.

Will Hair Transplant Before and After Make Difference?

We have mentioned there are tons of processed hair transplant before and after photos. But there are clinics that post real results as well. In most cases, it is better to rely on photos of real people. These photos are in raw form and show the best hair transplant results.

When you have this operation, there will be significant difference before and after the operation. If you follow all the instructions after the operation, your hair will grow healthy. Also, you will have a new and strong hairline. So, you will see difference after the operation.

Will Hair Implant Be Permanent?

One question about hair transplant is whether this operation will be permanent. When you look at your hair transplant before and after photos, you will see how you have changed. After one year, your new transplanted hair will grow.

Actually, hair growth will start on sixth month. But it takes up to one year for the whole hair growth to be complete. In the meantime, you will begin to see the difference. After all your hair grows, hair implants will be permanent. New transplanted hair will be with your for your entire life. When you choose the best hair transplant clinic, you can enjoy successful results.

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