hair implants
hair implants

If we look at the most common aesthetic problems, we can see that hair loss is one of them. Hair loss can happen in men and women. What is more, there is no age limit. You hair might start to fall when you in your 20s. But there is a solution for this problem: hair implants.

These implants are hair grafts that are used in hair transplant operation. Hair transplant is a surgical operation where baldness and hair loss is eliminated. There are certain criteria to have hair transplant. But most of the men who are experiencing hair loss can have this operation.

Are Hair Implants Permanent?

One of the most common questions by men include are hair implants permanent. After hair transplant, your hair will fall after 3 months. But this is a natural course of operation. This hair loss is temporary. Your new transplanted hair will start to grow after 4 to 6 months.

After your hair transplant surgery, you need to be patient. It might take up to 6 months to see new hair growth. Generally, full hair growth will take up to 1 years. For this reason, it is important to be patient.

Do I Need Corrective Surgery?

Another common question is about corrective surgery. Corrective surgery is a procedure applied to obtain the perfect results. In case of hair transplant, new transplanted hair might not be rooted well. In this case, new hair implants might be necessary. In most cases, corrective surgery is not needed. But sometimes corrective surgery can provide you better results especially on the hairline. This is similar to main hair transplant operation. However, number of hair grafts used in this operation are lower than main operation. If you want to avoid corrective surgery, it is recommended to listen to doctor’s post-op recovery advices.

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