FUE hair transplant
FUE hair transplant

Hair restoration operations were frightening processes when it all started. But with current developments in this field, hair implants are super easy. Also, success rates have skyrocketed compared to past data. This leads to an increase in the number of patients. And people want to learn more about the operation. So, we will talk about FUE treatment.

Basics for FUE Treatment

FUE treatment is the most common method. So, it is important to learn about this operation is before surgery decision. Actually, this treatment transplants hair roots. The roots are implanted to bald sections. Hair roots are generally called hair grafts. And the operation is planned based on the number of hair grafts. These grafts are collected from donor region. This collection process is well known as FUE hair extraction. Also, it is known as FUE treatment. But this is less popular usage.

The biggest benefit of this operation is to boost self-confidence. Patient have higher self-confidence after the operation. They are more confident to look in the mirror. So, FUE treatment has lots of benefits to patient.

FUE Treatment Application

It’s important to know just what FUE operation is before carefully deciding on surgery. Actually, this treatment transplants hair follicles to areas that are bald. Hair roots or hair grafts are collected from the  back associated with mind. This collection process is famous as FUE hair extraction or follicular device hair extraction. During collection, hair roots are removed with special tools. These tools are called punch motors. Punch motors are handled devices used by the surgeon.

Then, these removed hair roots are implanted to areas with baldness. Again, during implanting stage, special tools are acclimatized  to start canals on transplant area. After implanting hair grafts, the procedure is finished. Patients need to follow certain instruction for better healing  process. When patients follow these, the results are successful.

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