after hair transplantation
after hair transplantation

After hair transplantation process is a process that requires care and attention. There are some rules that the patient must follow after hair transplant treatment. The reason for these rules is to ensure the successful outcome of the transplant process. At the same time, it is important to prepare for the healing process after hair transplantation.

In this article, there are answers to the questions of how the after hair transplantation process should work and what the patient should pay attention to.

After Hair Transplantation Process

After hair transplantation care is an important process for the positive result of the transplant treatment. In this process, the recommendations of specialist physicians should be followed. Otherwise, the healing process of the treatment can be quite difficult. Even hair transplant treatment may fail.

In the before and after hair transplant process, attention should be paid to many details, from sleeping to eating and drinking patterns. It is also a fact that the normal lives of patients will change slightly during the recovery period, which can take approximately 15 days. But all of these are important for the positive outcome of the treatment process.

What to Do After Hair Transplantation

We have compiled for you below what needs to be done after hair transplant treatment. If you apply the following items, your hair transplant treatment will be successful:

  • During the first 15 days, the hair transplant area should not touch the pillow while sleeping.
  • It is also important not to receive any blows to the hair transplant area during the first 15 days.
  • It is recommended not to consume alcohol and cigarettes for 10 days after the hair transplant procedure.
  • After the hair transplant treatment, a shaver should never be used for 3 months.
  • It is necessary to avoid activities such as fitness or sauna for 2 months.
  • It is also important to protect the hair transplant area from direct sunlight and rain.

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